28th September 2018 – 30th September 2018 Friday evening

 For students with this initiation. Please note, the first session of the retreat starts on Friday evening 28th September.    

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Winter Teachings 2018-19: Teaching Weekend 1

13th October 2018 – 14th October 2018

TEACHING WEEKEND 1 We are delighted that Ven. Lama Panchen Otrul Rinpoche this winter will give  teachings on the Fundamental Teachings of the Buddha. These important teachings have been passed down to Ven Panchen Otrul Rinpoche through a pure, clear Lineage from Buddha Shakyamuni; they are the Foundation for all of Dharma Practise.  However they cannot be practised through intellectual learning only, […]

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Winter Teachings 2018-19: Teaching Weekend 2

24th November 2018 – 25th November 2018

THE EIGHT-FOLD PATH is symbolized by the eight spokes of the Dharma Wheel, and is a summary of the spiritual development of both the mind and physical actions when the teachings are practiced and experienced. When the mind is finally awakened and with deepening realizations the path will lead to Nirvana. Cost for teaching weekends: Residential: €215 Non-Residential: €160 Please […]

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Winter Teachings 2018-19: Teaching Weekend 3

12th January 2019 – 13th January 2019

THE SEVEN LIMB PRAYERS This is a practice of devotion and is vital for preparing our minds for meditation.  Its has  the potential for purifying negative karma,  and creating positive energy  It is the basis and is included in  many Dharma practices. Cost for teaching weekends: Residential: €215 Non-Residential: €160 Please book early, and send a €50 deposit […]

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Winter Teachings 2018-19: Teaching Weekend 4

16th February 2019 – 17th February 2019

THE FOUR MINDFULNESS are a basic approach to meditation, using the Body, Feelings, Thoughts and Phenomena. As a fundamental part of Dharmateachings, they cannot be practiced without an understanding of ethical behavior;  they are used to develop awareness of the mind’s  addictions to negativities and destructive ways; also to create a positive mind with the […]

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Winter Teachings 2018-19: Teaching Weekend 5

23rd March 2019 – 24th March 2019

BUDDHA NATURE – THREE BODIES OF THE BUDDHA Buddha Nature is that held by every Human being who attains the  highest level of Full Enlightenment, – Ultimate reality,  manifesting in the body speech and mind of  the Dharmakaya,  which can manifest as the Sambhogakaya, which is nebulous and ethereal, and also  manifest in the Nirmanakaya  […]

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19th April 2019 – 22nd April 2019

This is a silent retreat. It is a led retreat using meditations on the teachings given by Ven. Rinpoche during the winter teachings. It is an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the teachings and integrate them into our daily lives. Cost for Spring Retreat [Easter Weekend]: (all Residential) €275 Please book early, and send a […]

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