In 1995 Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche visited Mongolia with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. At the end of the visit the Dalai Lama asked Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche to stay, teach and help the Mongolian people. Since then Rinpoche has visited every summer for two months.

Rinpoche’s charitable projects benefit hundreds of people now suffering as a result of ever increasing poverty since the collapse of the Soviet Union. He visits the prisons, orphanages and schools. In 2001 Rinpoche formed Asral NGO to help both individuals and communities. If you would like to donate to support this work or get more information please visit the Asral website.


Additionally, Rinpoche has initiated a successful craft enterprise ‘Made in Mongolia’ (MIM) where local people harness traditional felt-making techniques to produce high quality crafts and clothing items. It is a Fair Trade and non-profit initiative and all profits support the wider community through Asral’s social welfare activities. Its products are now sold in Ireland, the UK, USA, Japan and New Zealand. See:

If you would like to support Rinpoche’s work in Mongolia please visit the dedicated Asral webpage. Remember in Ireland donations of €21 per month, or €250 in a year are eligible for tax relief (i.e. if you are paying tax at the higher rate, €250 is actually worth €423 to us – at no extra cost to you).


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