Stupa Report from Vicky Heslop

2013-01-28T20:00:10+00:00January 28th, 2013|Jampa Ling|

The body of the stupa is now constructed and assembled at Jampa Ling and the three compartments are filled. Many students took part in the filling of the boxes with the guidance of Rinpoche. These boxes were placed in the compartments as the stupa was assembled.

The base compartment in the lion seat of the stupa, contains the stones, earth and water collected by many students of Rinpoche, as he requested, from all the counties of Ireland and many special sites as well. This means the benefits of the stupa will extend to all places in Ireland. The base also contains many items from nature such as grains, herbs, precious metals, flowers, fine cloth etc. These are the gifts of the natural world and if we are fortunate enough to have these items available to us in life, we have the basis of freedom to practice the dharma.


The parts of the stupa above the lion seat represent the meditating Buddha, sitting on the lion seat. The compartment within the four steps, contains the teachings of the Buddha and many images of Buddhas on clay tsa-tsa. The compartment in the bumpa (the dome section built above the steps) contains important Tibetan texts, thankhas and three offering jars filled with special offerings. The bumpa is the chest of Buddha and his heart/ mind radiates these precious gifts to all beings. There is an alcove in the front of the bumpa and a statue of Namgyalma will come to reside here when the space is ready for her. Namgyalma is a deity for long life and purification. Her mantra has infinite benefits. It is said that any being touched by a breeze that has first touched a stupa, banner or statue containing this mantra is purified of the karma to be reborn in the lower realms.


The thirteen rings above the bumpa represent the thirteen stages of a bodhisattva. Above this are the umbrella, sun, moon
and tigli signifying dissolution into enlightenment.


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