Winter Teaching 1 – The Four Noble Truths

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Winter Teachings 2018-19

We are delighted that Ven. Lama Panchen Otrul Rinpoche will give teachings on the Fundamental Teachings of the Buddha this winter.

These important teachings have been passed down to Ven. Panchen Otrul Rinpoche through a pure, clear Lineage from Buddha Shakyamuni; they are the Foundation for all of Dharma Practise.  However they cannot be practised through intellectual learning only, as this is an inner journey which can only be understood through meditative stabilisation and the stages of the path, especially with a Teacher who will become a guide. The teachings will provide a different way of experiencing daily problems, apprehension and stress. We will learn that we do inhabit an incredible human form which has potential to become happy and comfortable with our present life and mind.

Although these teachings are complete in themselves, they can also be taken as a course, for they follow on from each other. Meditations are provided each month during  the teaching weekend.

The Four Noble Truths

These were the very First teachings that Buddha Shakyamuni gave after his own Enlightenment, and embody the essence of the Path to Enlightenment.  They explain the true reality of the life we lead and the potential that can be achieved by the transformative power of Dharma practise.

Cost for teaching weekends: Residential: €215 Non-Residential: €160

To book a place on this course, please contact our office on:+353 (0)49 9523448 or complete the form below.

A €50 deposit (non refundable) is required when booking to secure a place.


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