The month began with a Sangha and Friends Weekend where friends of Jampa Ling and students of Rinpoche gathered together for the weekend. Different activities were arranged for the weekend; yoga, mindfulness meditation, tai ji and the game of karma.

Sangha & Friends 2 Sangha & Friends 3 Sangha & Friends


On Sunday 19th June we had Venerable Rinpoche’s Long Life Prayers. The morning began with purification practices and prayers for the long life of Ven. Rinpoche in the Shrine Room in the morning before lunch. After lunch, Ven. Rinpoche was invited to come to the Shrine Room where offerings of different symbolic items were made to Ven. Rinpoche, including personal offerings. We are so grateful and thankful for the presence of such a kind, compassionate and inspirational teacher and for all his guidance. Thank you, Ven. Rinpoche. May your life be long.

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On Tuesday 21st June the Summer Solstice was celebrated. The celebrations began after lunch with a practice in the Shrine Room. During the practice, a procession led by Rinpoche took place from the Shrine Room and outside around the grounds and the woodlands. Various symbolic items were then taken by the attendees and mantras were recited, conch shells blown and bells rang. The procession concluded with a return to the Shrine Room with closing prayers and dedications. The weather kept dry for the procession.
Later in the month we had a Silent Meditation weekend, a Meditation for Beginners day and a Day of Sitting with Ani-la. We would like to thank Ani-la for her teachings, meditations and a sharing of her personal life journey with us. As always, her words inspired and comforted many in their own journeys.

Community Gardening – Every Wednesday
Come and join us every Wednesday for our community gardening day from 10pm. Our main gardener, Aisling, will be there and she and the other volunteers would really love you to give them a hand.

Community Gardening 2 Community Gardening 3 Community Gardening

WWOOFers & Intern
This month we had two new WWOOFers, both from the United States; Liam and Brittani. Liam volunteered with us for almost two weeks before his return to the states. Brittani will be with us for a month. This month, Blaire, an intern from the University of Oregon, arrived and she will be staying with us for three months to gaining experience working in the garden. There have been many other interns from the University of Oregon over the past few years.