Venerable Rinpoche in Mongolia

In 1995 Ven. Rinpoche visited Mongolia with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. At the end of the visit His Holiness the Dalai Lama asked Ven. Rinpoche to stay, teach and help the Mongolian people. Since then Ven. Rinpoche has visited every summer, and this year he left for Mongolia at the end of July. Ven. Rinpoche and Younam have arrived safe and well in Mongolia. There will be updates on our website and on Facebook so please check them out. We wish Ven. Rinpoche a very safe journey and a very successful trip. May all his aspirations be accomplished without any hindrances.

Please see our website ( for more details of Ven. Rinpoche’s overseas charity work.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday and the Universal Day of Prayer

Every year at Jampa Ling we come together to celebrate the birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who is also the patron of our centre. The day begins with a smoke puja outside followed by prayers and talks in the shrine room. Friends attending the centre brought delicious vegetarian food with them to share with us for lunch. After lunch we continued in the celebrations with a singing and music session and some dancing.

His Holiness initiated a Universal Day of Prayer in which people come together to pray for world peace. There was continuous chanting all day in the shrine room by many different people at different times. May His Holiness’s wish for peace be accomplished swiftly.

Tara House Hired Out

This month Tara House was hired out to a private group for one week. It was wonderful to be able to host such a lovely group.

If you were interested in hiring out Tara House please contact our office for more details.

Silent Mindful Living Retreat and Amitayus Retreat

This month we had a very successful Silent Mindful Living retreat, the first one we have done, lead by one of Ven. Rinpoche’s students. The Amitayus retreat, which was for students of Ven. Rinpoche with the initiation, took place at the end of the month. The weekends were enjoyed by all.

Yoga with Isabella

One of our volunteers, Isabella, is now a fully qualified yoga teacher. Many congratulations to her! She offers weekly yoga classes in Jampa Ling. Please contact us for further information. Donations are in aid of the House Fund.

Community Gardening

Come and join us every Wednesday for our community gardening day from 10am. Our main gardener, Aisling, will be there and she and the other volunteers would really love you to give them a hand.

Meditations at Jampa Ling

We have three meditation practices every day at Jampa Ling. We also have two additional meditation practices – Meditation for Beginners every Monday night from 7pm to 8pm and a Mindfulness/Awareness Mediation every Wednesday night from 7pm to 8pm – both are in Tara House. There is no need to book to come to these, just simply show up. They are donation-based.

Summer Programme

Our summer programme is now online. Please check out our website and sign up to our mailing list to keep updated.

WWOOFers & Volunteers

This July we had two WWOOFers who were sisters, Molly and Kate from the US, for the month of July. Both sisters were wonderful to have and helped us a lot for the month. We also have 2 interns from two different universities in the US, April and Sage. Their internship is in our garden with Aisling, our head gardener. All four have been a tremendous help. Thank you all for your help! Molly and Kate left at the end of the month, but April and Sage will be here until September.

Our main cook, Zopa, was away for 5 weeks and we had two wonderful cooks during her time away – Eugenia from Australia for 4 weeks and Jenny from Ireland for a week. Their meals were delicious – thank you both for your help!