June 2017 Newsletter

A Day of Sitting with Rinpoche & Rinpoche’s Long Life Prayers

We are extremely honoured and thankful that Venerable Rinpoche accepted our request to come and sit with us for the day and answer any questions we had about our practice and about life. The day was well attended with many interesting questions from many different people. For some it was their first time here.

The following day we had Ven. Rinpoche’s Long Life Prayers, in which we request our teacher to live a long and healthy life so he can continue to help and teach us and all others. In the morning we had purification practices in the Shrine Room and after lunch Ven. Rinpoche was formally invited down to the Shrine Room. Many of his students and friends and visitors to Jampa Ling made offering to Rinpoche and prayed in his presence for his long life. We are so honoured and grateful to have such a magnificent teacher in our presence. Our heartfelt thanks for all you kindness, generosity, teaching and help you give us all. May you live for 125 years!

Unplugged Weekend, Silent Meditation, Summer Solstice, Meditation for Beginners, Yoga and Meditation Day

This June had some interesting events. Our first event of the month was the first time we ran this type of retreat. The theme was to switch off your mobile phones, unplug your computer and disconnect from the business of the modern environment to tune in to yourself through gentle meditation exercises, pranayama, Qi Gong, and Tai Ji. The retreatants were also given a recipe book for the different foods and homemade snacks over the weekend. There was an Ikebana flower arranging session, which is a form of Japanese meditation, and the retreatants were able to bring home their own flower arrangement.

The following weekend we had a Silent Meditation Weekend, in which retreatants can attend and have the space to practice either from their own tradition or from the Buddhist tradition.

Every year we celebrate the Summer Solstice at Jampa Ling. There were by prayers in the Shrine Room and a procession around the grounds of Jampa Ling in which mantras of purification were chanted, followed by tea and light refreshments.

The Yoga and Meditation Day offered an introduction to yoga and pranayama and a tour of Jampa Ling along with some meditation.

The Meditation for Beginners day offered an introduction to general meditation techniques, including the correct sitting posture; whether on a chair or on a cushion or stool, and techniques that can be used to calm and focus the mind. A calm mind is more focused and comfortable. The day offered both sitting and walking meditation, and some awareness time.

RTÉ – Teorainn (the Border)

RTÉ flim crew came to Jampa Ling centre to interview some of Rinpoche’s students living in the area and record chanting and meditation in the Shrine for a two part documentary about live on the border today. It will be airing in September.

The Tully Twins Tour of Cavan

Cavan’s Gogglebox twins, Fergal and Neal Tully visited Jampa Ling centre and filmed a short video. The video is available on ‘This is Cavan!’ website. You can use the below link to watch it. http://www.thisiscavan.ie/fun/feature/the-tully-twins-tour-of-cavan


Yoga with Isabella

One of our volunteers, Isabella, is now a fully qualified yoga teacher. Many congratulations to her! She offers weekly yoga classes in Jampa Ling. Please contact us for further information. Donations are in aid of the House Fund.

Community Gardening

Come and join us every Wednesday for our community gardening day from 10am. Our main gardener, Aisling, will be there and she and the other volunteers would really love you to give them a hand.

Meditations at Jampa Ling

We have three meditation practices every day at Jampa Ling. We also have two additional meditation practices – Meditation for Beginners every Monday night from 7pm to 8pm and a Mindfulness/Awareness Mediation every Wednesday night from 7pm to 8pm – both are in Tara House. There is no need to book to come to these, just simply show up. They are donation-based.

Summer Programme

Our summer programme is now online. Please check out our website and sign up to our mailing list to keep updated.


This June we had three WWOOFers; Claire from Canada, Marine from France, and Justus from Germany. All three were such a wonderful help to us. Thank you all for your help!