On Thursday Sept 4th residents, students and friends of Jampa Ling went on a picnic to the Claddagh Glen just over the border. A climb up the beautiful slopes of the mountain took the more intrepid up to the picnic area of Marble Arch Caves where Ven. Rinpoche and Ani La had travelled by car to meet them. The day was gloriously sunny, perfect weather for picnicking out of doors. Food seems to taste better outdoors; we all tucked into salads, rice, samosas, fruit and cakes, plus the hundred sandwiches had been made that morning by Jampa Ling staff! Tea, coffee and juice had all been brought as well. A special cake had been baked in honour of our garden intern, James, who was leaving after having worked at Jampa Ling all through the summer. Thank you James! After lunch, everyone relaxed in the beautiful sunshine. Badminton rackets and a shuttlecock were brought out, and Ven. Rinpoche, who never ceases to amaze us with his fitness, took on Isabella at tennis! Altogether 29 people enjoyed a great day out.