Wednesday 2nd September

Visiting Local Kindergarten

Ven. Rinpoche paid a visit to the local district kindergarten. Currently they are looking after 636

children even though their capacity for catering is for up to 330 children only. There is currently a

huge problem with the lack of kindergartens in Ulanbaataar city, and also almost 70% of the

children are not getting access to a kindergarten education. There are around 14 different classes

in this kindergarten and some of the classes have up to 60 children in one classroom. Asral

provides family support, clothes, stationery, school equipment, a winter play area, sanitation and

renovated classrooms for the most vulnerable children. There are two districts affiliated with this

kindergarten. There are a few students who needs to travel as far as 8km. These children are the

ones who live on the hills of the Ger District or in the Shanty town. There is no public transport

available for them at the moment. Most of the children are now quite healthy. Asral is the only

private organisation who really helps this kindergarten for many years, and the director appreciates

their support a lot. She also said that Asral not only supports us financially, but also spiritually as

well. She thanked Ven. Rinpoche on behalf of all the staff and the children at this Kindergarten.

Asral actively support 15 of the most vulnerable children in this Kindergarten. These children did a

beautiful performance of dancing and songs for Ven. Rinpoche. Rinpoche suggested to the

director of the school that we can offer them a workshop every month for their staff about how to

educate and look after children more effectively with more care. She was very happy to accept it

and also requested if Asral can organise the workshop in the kindergarten. Ueli Minder (a board

member of Asral) kindly accepted to offer them the workshop once a month. He then distributed

the gifts for each of these children, including stationery, toiletries and sweets. The director then

gave a tour of the kindergarten and then requested to give blessings to all the staff of the school

and to many of the children in the kindergarten.FullSizeRender

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