Venerable Rinpoche and Jampa Ling have been engaged in a wide variety of projects since the centre was established in 1990. Our effort at home is focused on providing a place of peace and relaxation for people from Ireland and abroad to come and visit and take time out. Ven. Rinpoche regularly teaches on various aspects of meditation and Buddhism and has been doing so at Jampa Ling for over 25 years.

Interfaith work was the reason His Holiness the Dalai Lama asked Ven. Rinpoche to first come to the West. Jampa Ling is situated very near the border and interfaith dialogue has always been high on Ven. Rinpoche’s agenda. Jampa Ling Northern Ireland and our main centre in County Cavan are both dedicated to education and promoting peace and harmony on this island.

As well as activities in Ireland, Ven. Rinpoche works on behalf of people in other parts of the world. He is responsible for many monks and lay people in India. Over the years Ven. Rinpoche and his students have sponsored monks, nuns and families on a monthly basis. We try in particular to focus on people who have just escaped from Tibet and travelled over the Himalayas and have no form of support, especially children. People continue to come out of Tibet to have freedom for religious practice; consequently there are still many people who are not sponsored and still need help.

In 1995, Ven. Rinpoche was asked by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to go to Mongolia. The links between Tibet and Mongolia are very old and deep. The Buddhism practised by both countries is identical, and there was a great interchange of scholars and students for many centuries. So it was to the Tibetans in exile in India that Mongolians turned when it became a free country again in 1990. Ven. Rinpoche’s first teacher was Mongolian and he wishes to repay the kindness of that teacher and help the people of Mongolia who have suffered so much since the fall of communism. Ven. Rinpoche has a centre in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia and has a number of projects there to help local people. Asral NGO was set up by Ven. Rinpoche for this purpose; it focuses on six main areas: food security, self-sufficiency through handicrafts, health, education, outreach and sponsorship.

Our newest project is to buy Owendoon House and thereby secure all this good work into the future. Please follow the link to find out more about how you can get involved.

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