Some pictures from today’s events: [click on any image to enlarge]

The ex-deputy mayor of Ulanbaataar and the current permanent member of the civil service council invited Ven. Rinpoche for a meal along with his family and a friend of his. He expressed his appreciation for Ven. Rinpoche’s humanitarian work in Mongolia and for benefiting hundreds of vulnerable Mongolian people, especially single mothers and children from the poorer regions of Mongolia. They discussed the current difficulties faced by Mongolian people and their great need of spiritual and financial help. His friend was a very well-known business man who is actively involved in many charity and development works in Mongolia. He told Ven. Rinpoche that he is looking into the possibility of working with Asral to help the poorer regions of Mongolia.

Otgonbayar, a member of a famous rock band called ‘Hurd Rock Band’ invited Ven. Rinpoche to his home for a meal and to receive blessings and prayers. Otgonbayar has been a student of Ven. Rinpoche for many years and he has supported Ven. Rinpoche’s work in Mongolia on many occasions. He and his band performed in a concert in Ulanbaatar last year to raise funds for Asral Charity. Over three hundred people came to the concert which raised over €6,000. Otgonbayar offer to do another fundraising concert for Asral Charity. Ven. Rinpoche thanked him and his band members for their kind support and expressed his appreciation.