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Friday 5th August 2016

A well and water purification system, a first of its kind in Mongolia, was installed by Asral in Undurshil, a small village in the Gobi Desert region in 2009. One of the major problems with the village has been with the scarcity of clean drinking water. As a result people develop many complaints such as stomach problems and mouth ulcers.

The health of the local village people has greatly improved since the establishment of the new water filtration system, but recently the filtration system has developed some problems. Ven. Rinpoche had asked the staff to make the fixing of this problem a priority. The engineers checked the purification system and reported that some parts needed replacement. Today Ven. Rinpoche met the son of the director of the company which provides these parts for the water purification system. He asked them to get the parts and to do a good job with the repair of the system as it is very important for the people of Undurshil. The son and the engineer both promised him they would do their best.

Ven. Rinpoche then went to see HE Kunde Ling Tatsak Rinpoche in the afternoon. He thanked HE Tatsak Rinpoche for kindly giving an initiation and teachings at Kunkhyab Jampa Ling centre twice during his last two visits to Mongolia. They had a good meeting of over an hour long.

Saturday 6th August 2016

Today many students and friends of Ven. Rinpoche came to him. He gave blessings, guidance and teachings to them all.

Some pictures from this visit: [click on any  image to enlarge]