One of Ven. Rinpoche’s very old and devoted students had passed away recently. His family asked Ven. Rinpoche to visit them and to perform rituals and prayers for his late student’s passing. This student has been a great help for Ven. Rinpoche’s Asral Charity for many years. On many occasions he provided funds towards Asral’s various charitable projects in Mongolia. He also sponsored the printing of many Dharma texts that were translated into Mongolian. His main wish was always to follow the Buddha’s teachings and to support Ven. Rinpoche’s charitable work in Mongolia that helped the poor and people in need, especially single mothers and children. His family has promised Ven. Rinpoche that they will continue to support Asral Charity so as to fulfil the wishes of his late student. Ven. Rinpoche said prayers and gave blessings to all the family members and thanked all of them for their continual support for Asral Charity. The family had recently donated food to the Hot Meal Project for the children at Asral Charity.


In the afternoon Ven. Rinpoche continued seeing more children who get sponsorship from Ireland and also the children who get hot meals from Asral. He spent time with them to get to know more about their livelihood and their family situations. Ven. Rinpoche also gave audience to other people who came to see him.