Monday 21st

Ven. Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche continued to receive students and visitors throughout the week, giving blessings, guidance and help.

Mrs. Tuul, who owns a construction company that has been generous in assisting Asral NGO with renovations and repairs in the past, invited Ven. Rinpoche and a number of Asral’s staff and guests to lunch in the city centre. She kindly offered to support Ven. Rinpoche with his humanitarian and spiritual work in Mongolia in the future.


Tuesday 22nd

Ven. Geshe Ngwang Tsultrim, who gives Dharma teachings every weekend at Kunchab Jampa Ling/ Asral Centre, came for lunch and spent time with Ven. Rinpoche. Rinpoche continued to receive students and visitors in the afternoon.


Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th

Ven. Rinpoche spent both days meeting students and visitors who came for blessings, guidance and support.


Friday 25th

Ven. Rinpoche spent the day meeting children from the local district who receive direct support from Ireland through individual sponsorship and Asral’s Hot Meal Project. He discussed the health, studies and family circumstances with each of the children individually. Ven. Rinpoche provided direct assistance to a number of children in difficult circumstances, and distributed clothes donated by his students in Ireland. He then prayed for all the children.


Saturday 26th

Ven. Rinpoche gave Genyen (lay) vows to over sixty individuals, along with teachings on the importance of making a commitment to these vows, and the benefits they bring to one’s own life, and the life of others.


Sunday 27th

Ven. Rinpoche began the morning with his personal preparations for the White Tara Initiation. Over one hundred and fifty people, including many families with young children, were present.

Later in the day, many students came to see Ven. Rinpoche for blessings, guidance and support.