Saturday 6th September



These weekends are a great opportunity to come and help at Jampa Ling and meet new

friends in an informal setting. The centre needs continual maintenance and the tasks

completed on these weekends are a tremendous help to the centre. Everyone is welcome,

whether skilled or unskilled. This is a very good opportunity for new people to come and visit

the centre.

Accommodation and meals are offered in return for work.


Sat 13 September and Sun 14th


paper people

Buddhists use chanting and silent meditation to calm the mind and create positive energy.

On this weekend there will be training and instruction in Buddhist chanting and periods

of guided meditation. This weekend retreat will be led by Eileen Stephens and Desmond

Gough. Eileen is an experienced natural voice work facilitator and recording artist. She has

run several workshops at Jampa Ling in the past and has been a Buddhist practitioner for

thirteen years. Desmond regularly runs meditation retreats at Jampa Ling. When Chanting

and meditation come together, they help you develop a peaceful and tranquil mind. This

weekend is suitable for people who would like try these practices for the first time, and for

regular practitioners to help find their chanting voice and deepen their practice. No previous

experience is necessary.

Cost: Residential €160. Non-Residential €90. One day only €45

You are welcome to arrive on the Friday evening if you wish.



Saturday 20th September



Feeling anxious or stressed? Learn techniques on how to develop a calm and peaceful

mind through meditation. The value of meditation in different areas of our lives is

gaining recognition – in health, education and for general happiness and well-being. This

introduction to meditation will give you a personal experience of a calmer and more peaceful

mind. 10.30am – 4pm. Cost €45. including lunch


Friday 26th – Sun 28th


A weekend of meditation for Rinpoche’s students who have received this initiation.

The retreat starts on Friday evening at 7:00pm.



Every Monday evening in Tara House at 7pm.

Everybody welcome, no experience necessary.

“Sit on a comfortable seat ….” are the first words of the meditation practice

taught at Jampa Ling. These simple guided meditations cover the basic elements of the

practice so that even people who have never meditated before can get an idea of how it is

done and what it feels like.

With a little practice, meditation can become a great resource is helping with the difficulties we all face in life.

Donation based.