rinpocheWe are extremely honoured and grateful that Venerable Lama Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche has again accepted our request  to teach during 2014/2015.  This is a rare opportunity to hear profound Buddhist teachings in Ireland from a high Tibetan Lama, who embodies what he teaches and is himself a great practitioner and scholar.

The words Panchen and Ötrul are Tibetan words that indicate Rinpoche was a candidate to be the Panchen Lama of Tibet.  Rinpoche means ‘precious’. He has an Acharya Sanskrit degree from the Sanskrit University of Varanasi.  Within the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism he is a Geshe Lharampa which is roughly equivalent to a PhD. Rinpoche undertook further formal study and extensive meditative practice during his time in India.

He has continued to practise meditation, study, and deepen his understanding of Buddhism since coming to Ireland 25 years ago.


‘The Meaning of Life, from a Buddhist Perspective’ Which will lead us to Peace and Happiness


The Venerable Acharya Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche will teach the Meaning of Life using the Text given by Buddha Shakymuni which is called ‘The Wheel of Life’ or ‘Dependent Origination’.
This is a very important text.  A large depiction of The Wheel of Life is displayed at the entrance to all Tibetan Monastic Buildings.

This was originally displayed at the request of the Buddha himself, and so is still continued today.  It stresses the great importance of this Text in our daily lives.

During these teachings Ven. Panchen Otrul Rinpoche will explain how we can live our lives with a greater understanding.

Also using the Buddha’s first teaching of the Four Noble Truths, Rinpoche will lead us, from a Buddhist perspective,  to the Peace and Happiness which is within each one of us, and which we all seek.


Teaching dates:

 The weekend of Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th October 2014

1          An Overview of the Cycle of Existence, The Wheel of Life

In Tibetan Buddhism this is also called Conventional Existence or Samsara. These teachings will explain, what motivates the movement we all experience in life.

From moment-to moment, week-to week, birth to death, Life-to life, we all experience this movement. We are unable to stop it.  However we can learn to view it differently, and recognise how it dictates our life, through our own lack of understanding.


The weekend of Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd November 2014

2          What is the Nature of Mind or Consciousness

It is by using the mind with understanding, that we can achieve wisdom.

How is the mind stream matured in order to achieve the deeper value and meaning of this human life. Can the mind be transformed in order to develop deep Universal love and Compassion?  Are we able to reach the Ultimate meaning of life by training the mind?

The weekend of Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th January 2015

3          Understanding Dependent Origination

Our life is continually dependent on previous happenings.

This is a natural law, which we can observe around us.  It shows that every result is dependent on a previous cause. This applies to all human beings and ourselves.

A real understanding of this can help us to achieve the confidence to overcome the obstacles to a peaceful life of happiness, both now and in the future

The weekend of Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th February 2015

4          What is meant by Ethical Behaviour ?

The teachings this weekend will explain why ethical behaviour is not only important in our life, but vital. We live in a world of Sensory Experience of both pleasure and pain.

Much of daily life is used to increase the sense of pleasure and to remove any feelings of pain. So it is important for our  Basic Happiness and freedom from Suffering, for ourselves and others, both now and in the future, that we appreciate the Deeper reasons for practising Ethical behaviour and realise the resultant affect  in our life.

The weekend of Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th March 2015

5          Facing Death during  Life.

The teachings this weekend will explain how we have taken Birth in this life, and how we will eventually leave this Human existence.

We will be shown how death and   future rebirth can be faced with confidence.   How by facing our fears, especially those of dying, or moving on; the fear of releasing previous ideas and concepts and by recognising this process, our life can be properly utilised.


• SPRING [Easter] Retreat 2015 :  Friday 3rd April – Monday 6th April (Good Friday to Easter Monday)

This is a silent retreat.  It is a led retreat using meditations on the teachings given by Ven. Rinpoche during the winter teachings.  It is an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the teachings and integrate them into our daily lives.

Cost for teaching weekends:

Residental: €215  Non Residental €160

Cost for Easter Retreat:  (all Residential) €275

Please book early, and send a €50 deposit (non-refundable) when booking.  As there is usually a waiting list, please inform us in good time if for any reason you have to cancel, so that the place can be offered to another person.