Ven. Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche’s Winter Teachings 2017/2018

This winter we are honoured that Ven. Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche will teach from the text called ‘Easy Path.’


On 7th and 8th October Ven. Rinpoche taught on the foundation for developing love and compassion, which included the four immeasurables and equalising self and others.

On 4th and 5th November Ven. Rinpoche taught on liberating suffering and its causes including the Four Noble Truths

We express our sincerest thanks to Rinpoche for giving us these very important teachings.


Upcoming Teaching Weekend 2nd and 3rd December 2017

Samsara (The Wheel of life) – The World in which we Live

 Including Dependent Arising and Karma

Ven Panchen Otrul Rinpoche will show the story of Life from a Buddhist perspective, using the Mandala of the Wheel of Life, which was created by Buddha Shakyamuni.

This is a depiction of the amazing Psychological journey of the Human Mind, from life to life; and carries the essence of the Buddha’s teachings, offering a Liberating view of life which can lead towards compassionate love and happiness without depriving anyone.

This Mandala is always displayed before the doors of every Tibetan monastery.

Please book early with a deposit of €50 (non-refundable)
People are encouraged to arrive on the Friday evening in order to settle in.
First teaching starts at 10 am on Saturday.
Cost: Residential: €215 Non Residential: €160. One day only: €80


Winter Programme

Our winter programme is out now. Please check out our website and sign up to our mailing list to keep updated.


Yoga with Isabella

One of our volunteers, Isabella, offers weekly yoga classes in Jampa Ling, as well as some evening workshops. Please contact us for further information. Donations are in aid of the House Fund.

Community Gardening

Come and join us every Wednesday for our community gardening day from 10am. Our main gardener, Aisling, will be there and she and the other volunteers would really love you to give them a hand.


Meditations at Jampa Ling

We have three meditation practices every day at Jampa Ling. We also have two additional meditation practices – Meditation for Beginners every Monday night from 7pm to 8pm and a Mindfulness/Awareness Mediation every Wednesday night from 7pm to 8pm – both are in Tara House. There is no need to book to come to these, just simply show up. They are donation-based.


WWOOFers & Volunteers

This October we had two WWOOFer, Jean-Baptiste from France and Daniel from Columbia. Both were of great help to us. We wish them safe travelling and all the best in the future.