Help us complete the purchase of Owendoon House – we’re nearly there!

Letter of support from HH Dalai Lama.
Letter of support from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. February 2015

Venerable Rinpoche has created a place of great peace at Jampa Ling from which many thousands of people have already benefited. Ven. Rinpoche’s energy is embodied here; it is a place of great sustenance and renewal. It has long been the aim of Jampa Ling Trust to acquire the Centre and grounds for Ven. Rinpoche and the student body. This effort is kindly supported by the wishes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (please read letter over). Thus Ven. Rinpoche and the trustees are delighted to announce that, as of February 6th 2019, the Centre, all buildings and grounds have now been transferred in the ownership of Jampa Ling Trust CLG.

In reality the transfer began some time ago when Tara House and grounds were generously donated to Jampa Ling Trust by the Cross family. By August 2018, sale of Owendoon House and its surrounding estate had been agreed for a figure of €350,000. By then more than half of the required funds to purchase Owendoon House and grounds were raised through the kindness and generosity of a great many friends and supporters of Ven. Rinpoche and Jampa Ling over many years.

At the beginning of 2019, we finalised a 15-year €180,000 mortgage for the remaining amount (including a financial buffer) from Clann Credo, an Irish organisation which provides loan finance to voluntary, charity and community groups nationwide. The transfer of funds was completed on 6th February 2019.

The challenge before us now is to pay off the remaining amount, hopefully long before its due date (there is no penalty for paying it off early). This is a wonderful opportunity to become involved in a project that will ensure the Buddhist tradition of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Ven. Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche will have a lasting home in Ireland, a place of peace for generations to come.

You can contribute by making a donation below.

Or if you have any fundraising suggestions or ideas please contact the office, we would love to hear from you.

In Ireland, donations of €21 per month (or €250+ in a year) are eligible for tax relief. Therefore, if you are paying tax at the higher rate, €250 is actually worth €423 to us – at no extra cost to you!

Nick Miller Painting Fundraiser

To support the fundraising effort to purchase Owendoon House, Nick Miller (awarded the 2014 Inaugural Hennessy Portrait Award at the National Gallery of Ireland) has offered two sets of limited edition fine art prints and a series of original watercolour paintings for sale.

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