Interfaith work has always had an important role at Jampa Ling. When Venerable Rinpoche for came to the West from India it was because His Holiness the Dalai Lama had requested him to engage in interfaith dialogue with Christian monks. One of the banner images above was taken during that period.

At Ven. Rinpoche’s request, Jampa Ling Northern Ireland has had representation on the Executive Committee of the Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum since its inception in 1993. This organisation facilitates dialogue and understanding among different religious traditions. It is the only fully operational multi-faith association that functions across Northern Ireland.

Education plays an important role in what we do at Jampa Ling Northern Ireland and at our main centre in County Cavan. For many years we have received visits to our main centre from secondary school groups who wish to learn about different faiths. If your school would like to visit Jampa Ling please contact the office.

Ven. Rinpoche is currently the Buddhist President on the Dublin Inter Religious Council which is chaired by the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin.