On Sunday the 2nd of March 2014, we gathered to celebrate the Tibetan New Year, the year of The Male Wood Horse here at Jampa Ling with gracious presence of Ven. Panchen Otrul Rinpoche and Tibetan guests.     It was attended by a many people and children from all over Ireland.  We put up new prayer flags early in the morning and the shrine was filled with traditional offerings of Chaimar (roasted ground barley and butter), Kapsai (biscuits of flour, water and butter), Daisi (white rice and raisins in melted butter) and Shinto (dried fruit offering). Ven. Rinpoche welcomed every one with his greetings and blessings. Desmond amused everyone, especially the children with a story. Younam then offered Chaimar (roasted ground barley and butter) to everyone and then delivered the Losar statement. This was followed by chanting prayers and then we all went outside for the Smoke Puja (clearing Karmic debts and purifying environment) let by Rinpoche.  The afternoon was spent eating a wonderful banquet of vegetarian foods brought by everyone and listening to music, songs and dancing.  We would like to thank everybody who came on Losar and made the day so special.  We also would like to thank all those who sent their best wishes and greeting cards.  IMG_3304