Ven. Panchen Otrul Rinpoche’s visit to Mongolia August 2015


Sunday 9th August


We arrived at 12pm at Chinggis Khaan International airport in Ulaanbaatar. The flight was late by almost an hour. There were many students of Rinpoche there along with some of his very old friends like Bayantsagaan, the founder and the abbot of the Lam Rim Temple in Ulaanbaatar, Kund Sangpo the abbot of a monastic school in Ganden Monastery, and a new monk. Asral centre’s director, Chime Davaa, Ueili Minder, Ugaana and many other students of Rinpoche were also present at the reception at the airport.


At the Asral centre there were over a hundred of Rinpoche’s students and friends gathered to welcome him to Mongolia with prayer flags being waved high in the sky, and colourful scarves in their hands, followed by a Long Life Mandala offering to Rinpoche. Ven. Rinpoche gave a heart-warming welcome speech to express his warm well wishes to all, and he also gave a short teaching on the basic teachings of Buddha; to be compassionate and kind to all other sentient beings and to live a meaningful life. He also expressed his gratitude to all those who have contributed to, and supported, his charity projects in Mongolia, such as his students in the west especially in Ireland, and his students and friends in Mongolia as well.


He was then interviewed by the channel 4 Television News about the purpose of his visit this time and his work in Mongolia.