We are honoured and extremely grateful that

Ven. Acharya, Lama Panchen Ötrul Rinpocherinpoche

will give a course of teachings this winter on:

Training the Mind using the Practice of Powa

POWA is the Tibetan word for the Transference of Consciousness at the time of death. The most important preparation, and practise of Powa, however,  is during our life. As in most cultures, death is regarded as a very important time, and we do not know when it will arrive. It is, however, a time of moving into the unknown. Consequently we need an experienced guide who can show us the right approach.

In Buddhism it is the MIND which moves on; so whatever is present in the mind at the time of death is very important. Training the Mind during our life will not only bring happiness and confidence, it eases our fears. Most importantly however it will enable us to be fully present at the moment of our own death, while giving us the ability to offer support and help to our friends, family and other people.

Rinpoche will teach us how to develop the necessary powers and attitudes both in life and at the moment of death, enabling both to be approached with a peaceful and contented Mind.

The teachings will occur on the following weekends:


10-11th October                       Developing a Life of Confidence, Using the first Six Attitudes.

7th– 8th November                  Transforming Difficult Conditions, Using Five Powers.

5th-6th December                    Guru Yoga and Facing our Fears, Using the last Five Attitudes 


16th – 17th January                  Powers for Strengthening the Mind, Leading to a peaceful death.

13th- 14th February                 Directing the Mind into a New Rebirth, Using Five Powers.

Cost for teaching weekends: Residential: €215 Non-Residential €160

Please book early, and send a €50 deposit (non refundable) when booking.

To book a place on this course, please contact our office on:

For more information, please e-mail: info@jampaling.org


SPRING RETREAT [Easter Weekend]

March 25th-28th   SPRING RETREAT
This is a silent retreat. It is a led retreat using meditations on the teachings given by Ven. Rinpoche during the winter teachings. It is an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the teachings and integrate them into our daily lives.
Cost for Spring Retreat: (all Residential) €275 Please book early, and send a €50 deposit (non refundable) when booking. As there is usually a waiting list, please inform us in good time if for any reason you have to cancel, so that the place can be offered to another person