On Sunday November 10th 2013 eighteen students of the Venerable Panchen Otrul Rinpoche gathered to take the Initiation into the practice of Amitayu at Jampa Ling, Cavan.   From 8.30 a.m. till 11. a.m. Rinpoche was in the Shrineroom where he undertook ancient preparatory practices and prepared the Vase, Nectar and Long life pills for the initiation.

The Initiation began with each student entering the Shrineroom and being given blessed water from the Bumpa Vase.

A special Shrine had been set up for the initiation.  The main image of Amitayu was a large appliqued and brocaded Tanka, handmade by Decki, Rinpoche’s grand-niece in Dharamsala, India.   Torma offerings had been made and were on the Shrine along with other offerings.  There was also a jug of blessed juice, and precious long-life ‘pills’.

Rinpoche gave his dedicated students the Vase Initiation placing his vase on each person’s head.amitayu_initiation

This was followed by the Nectar Initiation where blessed juice as Nectar was given to each student.

Finally Rinpoche  gave the Pill Initiation whereby each student was given a precious long-life pill to eat.

With so many beautiful and ornate visualisations of Amitayu the students felt the ceremony to be very powerful.

Each one of those who were initiated left the Shrineroom with an image of Amitayu given to them at the start of the ceremony by Rinpoche and also a Amitayu Sadhana to practice themselves at home. Students made commitments to reciting Amitayu’s Mantra , taking  refuge, and generating  Bodhicitta every day.

In our usual style the day ended with a wonderful celebratory lunch enjoyed by all!