Some pictures from today’s events. Click on any image to enlarge.

Meeting with Local Government Representative of Undurshil

Ven. Rinpoche gave a brief history of his humanitarian work in Undershill over the past 19 years. The local governor expressed his appreciation for all the work that Ven. Rinpoche has done and thanked him on behalf of all the people of the village. He personally feels that MIM is of great help to the local people and he would like to collaborate with MIM to promote and support them.  He also said that he would like to support the water purification system should any problems arise with the system in the future.
Munkhbaatar, an old friend and student of Ven. Rinpoche for many years from the village, said that Ven. Rinpoche has not only helped the villagers with Dharma teachings but he has done so much humanitarian work in Mongolia. He expressed his appreciation and he will keep supporting Ven. Rinpoche’s work in the future as well. Asral and the local government have worked together in the past to provide help for the local people and he is requesting the governor to keep collaborating with Asral to help the local people. He also said that the biggest problem in the village has been clean water. He mentioned that Ven. Rinpoche has helped this by setting up the new well and water purification system. This brought tremendous benefit to the local people in terms of improving their health. Mongolia has been a Buddhist a country for many centuries and Ven. Rinpoche’s help in re-establishment of Buddha’s teachings has been of tremendous benefit to the people’s spirituality and way of life. He has seen a big progress in Undushil village since Ven. Rinpoche’s first visit. He is very grateful. He also requested the governor to help in the future with the water purification system. The maintenance cost of the system is expensive. He is hoping that the government will support this cost.

Burmaa the new director of Asral, thanked the local people’s representatives for their many years of collaboration with Asral to support and help the poorer people of Undershil.
The governor suggested to prepare a planning application letter for the district government to say that Asral would like to collaborate with the local government.  He wants to work with MIM to provide more employment for the local.

Ven. Rinpoche told the governor that he is very happy to meet him today and thanked him for his long meeting with him today. He said that his aim is to help the local Mongolian people and it would be of great benefit if the government would support this endeavour.
Visiting Local Hospitals in Undershill
In the afternoon Ven. Rinpoche visited the local hospital and met the Doctor. She was very happy to see him again. The Doctor gave Ven. Rinpoche a brief report of the local people’s health and their conditions. She informed Ven. Rinpoche that many people got sick with a viral flu that spread in the village over the last two years. Around 40 babies are born each year in the village and they are all very healthy. The mortality rate of the new born infants is almost zero. The general health of the villagers is improving. She expressed her gratitude to Ven. Rinpoche for all the work that he did for the villagers, especially with providing clean drinking water. She informed Ven. Rinpoche that her research has shown that this clean water has made a significant positive impact on the health of the local people. It also has reduced the number of people suffering from kidney stones, stomach ulcers, gum problems and many other conditions. Ven. Rinpoche blessed the staff and the patients in the hospital.