Friday 14th August

Ven. Rinpoche paid a visit to the local government district office and he was welcomed by the governor along with her staff at District 9. The governor thanked Ven. Rinpoche and Asral Charity for their many years of continuous help and support for the poor people, especially the women and children who are facing immense difficulty in their daily lives. She then gave a brief presentation on the situation in the local district and outlined a few of the problems and challenges they are facing. She then personally brought a young disabled local boy. His disability was due to a surgical mistake when he was very young and his family is facing huge financial difficulties with getting treatment for him and also to send him to school. Ven. Rinpoche promised to get assistance for the boy.


Ven. Rinpoche was then invited to the local clinic where Dr Buurma and her staff and patients welcomed him. Dr Buurma worked at the clinic for the past number of years and worked very closely with Asral Charity. She gave a very elaborate report on the work of Ven. Rinpoche and Asral Charity for their clinic and the local people. Asral Charity did a lot of renovation work for this local clinic, and in getting funds as well for the provision of medicine for many poor patients who are not in a position financially to be able to pay for their medication. Ven. Rinpoche was kindly invited to inaugurate a newly established laboratory for testing blood and urine. The Mongolian Government funded this new laboratory. He then visited four families of patients with serious illnesses who had difficulty in paying for their meditation. He distributed a substantial medication for all of these four families and he also gave blessings to each and every member of their family and listened to their grief very carefully.