18th and 19th August

Ven. Rinpoche gives dharma teachings every weekend at Kunchav Jampa Ling centre and received visitors and students for blessings and guidance.

20th August

Today Ven. Rinpoche visited a newly established orphanage in Baghhangai district, which houses 20 children, a mixture of orphans, abandoned children, and children from violent families. Asral brought stationary, books, toys, and sports equipment. Ven. Rinpoche met each of the children and advised them to be strong, to focus on their studies, to learn new skills and keep a themselves healthy.

Ven. Rinpoche was greeted by the deputy director of the Juvenile Detention centre in Ulaanbaatar city, which has 75 young boys in residence. The centre provides education and vocational training. Rinpoche gave a short Dharma teaching, and advised them to make the best use of their time by educating themselves and learning new skills. Asral provides psychotherapy sessions and Buddhist teachings for the boys, and recently started a new project to train them in making Mongolian hand-felted products, some of which they were able to sell. They presented Ven. Rinpoche with a hand-felted toy ship and ger.

22nd August

Ven. Bayantsagan, the Abbot of Lamrim Monastery, invited Ven. Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche and all of Asral’s staff, volunteers and students to visit his monastery in the Therelj National Park of Mongolia. Rinpoche gave teachings in the beautiful hilltop temple, attended by many Mongolians and foreign tourists.

23rd – 25th August

Ven. Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche continued to receive students and visitors, give blessings, guidance and help and continued his weekend teachings, attended by many people.

26th August

Ven. Rinpoche gave the White Tara long life initiation at Kunchab Jampa Ling centre.

27th August

Today was the opening day of the Hot Meal Project for this year. Asral currently has 32 children participating in this project, all who gathered to welcome Ven. Rinpoche and the staff of Asral charity to the opening ceremony. The children presented Ven. Rinpoche with many beautiful songs and dance performances in his honour, and were offered a wonderful lunch with Rinpoche in attendance after. Ven. Rinpoche later distributed warm winter clothes donated from Ireland to the children.

28th August

Ven Rinpoche received many students and visitors for blessings in the morning. In the afternoon, he visited a hundred-year-old woman who was bedridden, and gave blessings.