By Lynn Carrington

News from Jampa Ling Northern Ireland. On Saturday 21 September some of us attended an event organised by Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum. With Rinpoche’s support, the events of the Inter-Faith Forum here are attended by us and we have representation on their Executive Committee, which has members of the various faiths in Northern Ireland. The event was held with permission from PSNI in Belfast on the International Day of Peace 2013 on 21 September, and was an Interfaith Pilgrimage of Prayer for Peace.


This was a first for the Forum and we had representatives from five of our major world religions. We had no banners, placards or speeches. Our object was to pray and reflect, according to our practice, for peace and a world free from weapons and warfare. About thirty-five people came along and we made a quiet one mile walk from Carlise Circus where the Hindu Community Centre is and made our way to the City Hall where Rev. Inderjit Bhogal led us in a few moments of silent contemplation and the Executive Chairman Raj Puri thanked us all for coming.


It was a happy meeting of all of us and we made new friends and celebrated our wish for dialogue, mutual respect and our common humanity. We all felt that this would be a good thing to repeat on the International Peace Day next year. Our programme of Meditations continues at the Centre where everyone is welcome!!