Transforming the Mind

Dates for the winter teachings 2013/14 are now available. Ven. Rinpoche will teach on the subject of ‘Cultivating a Path for Transforming the Mind in order to develop Compassion and Wisdom, for a Happier Life’. Rinpoche will teach using two texts Eight Verses for Transforming the Mind by Geshe Langri Tangpa (1054–1123) and Mind Training Like the Rays of the Sun by Nam-Kha Pel.

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The Buddhist teachings on Mind Training embody the highest instructions for anyone really intent on awakening the mind to its greatest potential. Mind Training can help everyone to transform daily life problems and any view of adversity into advantage. It is an enabling tool to change what is seen as difficult into something valuable and useful. Mind Training can also help to transform one’s view of the reality of life.

The dates for the teaching weekends are as follows: