9th August

Ven. Rinpoche visited Asral’s projects in Gaachuurt, a former commune 30 kms North East of Ulanbaataar, supporting the community and facilitating training in organic vegetable-growing. With support from the Irish Government through Irish Aid, Asral increased the capacity for educating children in the district by renovating the local kindergarten and furnishing the children’s hostel with beds and kitchen equipment.

Ven. Rinpoche was received by Gaachuurt’s governor, Mr. Othogonbat, who expressed his gratitude to Rinpoche and his hope that they would continue to work together to support the community.

Nara, the gardening trainer and project participants, welcomed Ven. Rinpoche and Mr. Othogonbat to the project. Rinpoche informed those present that this particular project, which has benefited many people for many years, was funded by H.H the Dalai Lama.

Ven. Rinpoche was also received by doctors at the small local hospital, which has to cater to a population of approx. eight thousand people. Asral NGO had previously renovated and equipped the hospital’s kitchen. Every year Rinpoche visits the hospital, meets the staff and patients, and tries to help as much as he can.

10th August

Christopher Giercke, an old friend who, with his family, has been a great supporter of Ven. Rinpoche’s work since he first visited Mongolia twenty-four years ago, came to see to Ven. Rinpoche in the morning, and again invited Rinpoche to spend a few days at his summer holiday polo camp to rest.

In the afternoon, Ven. Rinpoche was received by Dr. Burmaa and the staff, patients and people at the Local Hospital in the 9th District in Ulaanbaatar. Asral Charity works closely with the hospital to promote health awareness and safety.

Dr. Burmaa asked if Ven. Rinpoche could help to purchase a ECG machine, as many people are suffering from serious heart conditions. Dr. Burmaa said that the Bilirubin meter device to detect jaundice donated by Lily Clarke, has benefited a significant number of children.

Rinpoche said he will try to find funds for the machine, and thanked Dr. Burmaa for working together with Asral NGO for many years. He then visited some vulnerable patients at their homes and distributed medicines, vitamins and clothing.

Ven. Rinpoche spent the afternoon discussing health and family circumstances with each of the children who receive direct support from Ireland through Asral’s sponsorship and Hot Meal project. Ven. Rinpoche provided direct assistance and clothes to children in very difficult circumstances, and prayed for the children.

11th August

Today, Ven. Rinpoche gave the long life initiation of Amitayu to over three hundred people, all who left with a great sense of happiness after getting a personal blessing from Rinpoche.

12th August

Ven. Jonang Khenchen Rinpoche visited Asral NGO and expressed his deep appreciation for Ven. Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche’s humanitarian work.

Ven. Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche gave Dharma teachings, which Ven. Jonang Khenchen Rinpoche kindly offered to translate into Mongolian.

Ven. Rinpoche spent the afternoon receiving and giving blessings to visitors and students at Asral Centre